Here’s the story folks.  For the past five year, my blog has been hosted by an Internet Service Provider as a freebie because my company did a lot of business with them.

Apparently, “ADadsJourney” was no longer a priority for them, so they just took it down along with all my archives.

Being somewhat tech challenged, it has taken me a little while to get back up to speed.   Truth be told, I still am getting used to this new site, but at least we’re using 21st Century blog software, so hopefully, I’m able to add more features as I move along.

So once again, I will be blogging about my twin sons, Michael & Sean, who are getting ready to turn 10.  As well as all the latest theories, articles of interest impacting the fathers of autistic kids.

I hope to make this blog less one sided than before and allow for more interaction.   Certainly feel free to comment on anything you see here, whether you agree with me or not.