exhausted-dad-at-computerHalloween has come and gone.  Tomorrow we’ll finally have an end to this election madness.  But a constant remains in my household; the nighttime antics of my 16 year old identical twin boys.

I have tried my level best to create a routine.  Setting up exact shower schedules, final meals, TV shut off times and off to bed regiments.  The problem is that being sent to bed doewsn’t mean going to sleep.

I have Michael who sounds like a happy banshee.  He whistles, hums, makes all the oddest sounds, bounces on his bed and basically keeps up a racket until midnight.  And yet, he is the least of my problems.

His twin, Sean doesn’t feel as compelled to stay in his room.  Like something out of “The Great Escape”, he waits and plans his escape. Sometimes it’s just to the bathroom, mostly it’s downstairs for a midnight snack, perhaps some bubble blowing (He has a MacGyver-like ability to mix solutions into producing bubbles and then Jerry-rig any household tool into his bubble wand).   Of course, he also unlocks the front door, lets the dog out to wander the neighborhood and essentially cause endless mischief until roughly 1am.

This leaves dad (keeper of the night shift) in a state of high alert until the wee hours.  I maintain an absurd hope that they will grow out of this, but it’s gotten worse as they’ve hit their teen years.

I welcome and and all suggestions.


Exhausted dad