I get all sorts of secondary research compendiums regarding autism.  Here are highlights from one called “The Autism Spectrum Disorders Market: Substantial Opportunity and Unique Challenges”.  As usual dear reader, I’m sending this along for your critical eye…

I enclose details of our autism spectrum disorders market report.

An increase in public funding for research and a heightened interest among drug developers suggest that a breakthrough in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) treatment may be imminent. However, drug development has been slow, plagued by a limited understanding of the disease and the difficulties in developing treatments for pediatric populations in general and in ASD in particular. However, substantial opportunity exists for an agent that can safely improve an autistic child’s ability to interact and adapt to his or her surroundings.

Questions Answered in This Report

ASD includes three distinct diagnoses: Asperger’s disorder, classic autism, and pervasive development disorder-not otherwise specified.
– What are the common symptoms in these disorders?
– How do they differ from one another?

– What is known about the cause of the disease?

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