Well Jerry Seinfeld has outed himself as autistic only to immediately retract it.

I imagine part of his thinking in retracting his standing as a member of those on the spectrum was the PR fallout.  A lot of bloggers expressed umbrage at Seinfeld’s remarks.  That is not true autism, they claimed and pointed out how can a mega-millionaire put himself on the spectrum.

Well, that’s because it is a spectrum, the highest functioning members of the autistic family have arguably done more to advance human civilization than all the damn normals combined.  As a parent of two severly autistic boys, I get the difference and I don’t care for anyone trying to put a bright colored bow on autism.

But I think we can be more inclusive.  As for Mr. Seinfeld, he can choose to look at himself as typical or on the spectrum.  However, he chooses to define himself, there’s nothing wrong with that.