Every year I take a golfing vacation with a few old college buddies.  The time is spent women free, and typically revolves around sports, drinking and loud music.

I’m spending this weekend with the boys while their mother is in Bermuda with my daughter and mother-in-law.  Surprisingly enough, the experience has brought back memories of my Mancations.

1st of all, Sean only watches sports or music concerts, preferably rock and roll concerts.  Michael is constantly making strange smorgasbords of meals (e.g. peanut butter, bacon, Mexican cheese and pizza).   Of course, he is listening to his tunes the entire time.  We’ve spent a good part of the weekend visiting our neighbor’s pool.  The boys who are incapable of getting ready for the school bus in under an hour are able to be ready for a visit to the pool within 60 seconds.

While I think of their autism as an excuse, it just comes down to motivation.

As for myself, I’ve allowed myself a few (well maybe more than a few) adult beverages during this Mancation.  All in all, we’ve down well together.  With the exception of bedtime, when they both want me to lie next to them at the same moment.  As for how that went last night, that’s where the adult beverages the next day come in, to just soothe and forget.

Two solo nights in the books and two more to follow.  Not much in the way of other guests and visitors, they usually cause more trouble than help, with the exception of my sister who came with me today for the boys baseball trophy day (last day of Challenger Baseball).

I have learned four things from this Mancation

1) Michael is much smarter than I have given him credit for.

2) Michael cannot, under any circumstance, be trusted alone for more than five minutes.  As for the reason, review learning # 1

3) Sean’s OCD issues need to be dealt with, either via therapy or medication, but they are beginning to consume him.

4) Finally, we need a new sleeping arrangement.  But I need a couple of days to recover from this latest solo sojourn before I”m ready to implement that.