I have over the past two years built up hopes about a new class of drugs that would help to mitigate the symptoms of autism.  It would somehow reduce irritability, calm nerves, connect synopses, you name it, I expected it to work.  I had irriationally built up hope for a mircale cure.  While that miracle drug might be in development right now, it won’t be  arbaclofen (A.K.A. STX-209).

Here’s an article from today’s NY Times that sums it up:

An Experimental Drug’s Bitter End

Daniel Acker for The New York Times

Holly Usrey-Roos, right, with Parker, 14, and Allison, 10. Both have fragile X syndrome. Ms. Usrey-Roos said Parker was helped by the drug arbaclofen.

Published: June 6, 2013