The article indicates that the path to autism happens very, very early in life.  The wiring required for life goes off track early and doesn’t move at the pace it should.  Imagine if this could be “course-corrected”.  Not very likely in our lifetime or even in our children’s lifetime, but I do think autism at birth will one day be easily corrected.  Who knows maybe some future world leader would have been severly autistic in our time, but an inspired leader in the future.

The early signs of autism are visible in the brains of 6-month-old infants, a  new study finds, suggesting that future treatments could  be given at this time, to lessen the impact of the disorder on children.

Researchers looked at how the brain develops in early life, and found that  tracts of white matter that connect different regions of the brain didn’t form  as quickly in children who later developed autism, compared with kids who didn’t  develop the disorder.

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