It’s so easy to look the wrong way for just a moment and lose sight of your autistic child.  And the panic in your heart sets in with each moment you can’t locate them.  Articles like the one below are why I’ve considered adding a tracking chip to my boys.

Hell, the dog has a tracking chip.

I know it’s invasive, but tell me what would you rather consider; the total panic of having no idea where your autistic child has gone or the temporary remorse of having to insert a GPS tracking chip under their skin?

I know my answer.



Southern California — this just in

Crews look for autistic 8-year-old in forest near Lake Arrowhead

September 13, 2011 | 9:00am

Facing the threat of thunderstorms, the search continued Tuesday for a severely autistic 8-year-old boy who ran away from his elementary school into the San Bernardino National Forest, authorities said.