Wouldn’t it be great is someday, science finds the needle in the haystack which is the causation of autism.  The news would probably be more of a wimper, because it won’t be until the day that chemists are able to take the information and produce drugs specifically based on the new breakthough.

and wouldn’t it be great, if the discovery has already been made and the name is SHANK3..

Autism Gene Studied in Lab MiceMarch 21, 2011 4:34 PM
By Stephanie Sajor
Source: Comstock/Thinkstock

Autism traits were reproduced in lab mice by mutating the gene associated with the behavioral disorder. Scientists say the finding of the gene could lead to more advanced treatments for autism.

The gene, called SHANK3, was found to be related to two common autism traits: compulsive repetitive behavior and avoidance of social interaction.

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