And I mean that literally.  My son Sean has become increasingly aggressive.  This morning when the bus arrived, I opened his door to find out he had removed his socks and shoes AGAIN!

I had Sean sit on the bed so I could put on his socks and shoes for him.  I was clearly upset, he wasn’t happy and WHAM!  He nailed me a good chop across the temple that sent my glasses flying.  He then retreated, apparently expecting my response, which actually took all the anger out of me.  I put on the footwear and he got on his bus, in a suprisingly good mood.

I was thinking that if I had let that moment affect me, perhaps the way it should, it would have ruined both our days.

As they say, turning the other cheek, while a very hard thing to do, was clearly the right thing to do.

And maybe, just maybe, there was a lesson learned there for Sean and that aggressive behavior won’t accomplish anything.

And of course, when people ask me, how Sean is doing, I’ll say, he’s doing just fine, because he is a work in progress.