Sean’s favorite stim, for as long as he’s been able to crawl is bubbles.

At 1st, he would ask us to blow bubbles for him,  but he eventually figured it out for himself.  Now at age 10, he’s a champion bubble blower.  But his need for bubbles has been slowly ratcheting up year after year.  No longer content with small containers, he’s been moving up to jugs of bubbles.

But like a crazed science fiction chemist, he’s added additional layers to his bubble alchemy skills.  For example, he will line up a small container of bubbles, a 12 oz water bottle and then his beloved big jug.  But keeping things in perfect harmony is not always harmonious and yesterday, during a raging temper tantrum, he knocked over both jugs of bubbles on the Persian rug.  OH GOODNESS, WHAT A MESS!!!!

This led to a sanction against bubbles.  In fact, when I got home last night, I saw containers of bubbles strewn across the street.  If I didn’t know better, I would have thought a travelling door to door bubble salesmen had apparently been the victim of a hit and run.

Needless to say last night was not easy for Sean, having to do without his beloved stim of the past 9 years.  I suspect tonight won’t be any better as this is going to be a tough “cold turkey” withdrawal process.

Ay yi yi, wish me luck.