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Father of Autistic Twins Speaks Out

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Is the title of a documentary describing a young autistic man who defined his life through Disney Animated films.   He had retreated into a world and one day asked for help to get out. life, animated

Life, Animated, which takes its name from a 2014 book by Ron Suskind, begins and ends with Owen as he is today: a young man of 23, living on his own, working, having relationships. Between those happy bookends, though, is a story of heartache, frustration, childhood cruelty and one very significant, secular miracle.

This has some potential:

The exact nature of very real and arresting ‘meltdowns,’ or periods of stimulation overload, is unique to each person living on the autism spectrum, but the inexperience and extra challenges of childhood can make them particularly tough for kids to work through. The team behind Reveal, a new wearable for kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), wants to start putting emotional and environmental control back in families’ hands with mood-monitoring data that can help anticipate meltdowns before they happen (and even prevent them).