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Father of Autistic Twins Speaks Out

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I saw this yesterday in the Washington Post.  They list a slew of possible reasons.  Hard to pinpoint anyone of them.   Seems to me the most important thing we can do as parents is give our kids a sense of purpose, otherwise, what’s the point.

People on the autism spectrum live an average of 18 fewer years than everyone else, study finds

Researchers looking into mortality trends and autism have made a troubling discovery: People on the autism spectrum are dying young — some 12 to 30 years earlier than might otherwise be expected.

The analysis, conducted by Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, found that the leading cause of premature death in autistic adults isn’t due to diseases, such as heart ailments or cancer, that are the main killers in the general population. It’s suicide.

I have to give the Peete family credit for being vocal and unabashed supporters of the autism community. 

How cool is that?