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Has the makings of an interesting read…

David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas, has revealed his role in another writer’s book that will shortly be published in Britain. Working closely with his wife, he has translated The Reason I Jump, a memoir by a severely autistic Japanese writer, Naoki Higashida.

The book was written when Higashida was 13. It will be released in the UK in July with an introduction by Mitchell

It’s known that boys are about 4 -5 times more likely to develop autism than girls.   Apparently, girls are “protected” against developing autistic symptoms.   The upshot is that more research is in order, that’s the usual view of science, to finally observe the obvious and conclude that more research is in order.  That’s why a true understanding of autism continues to move at a snail’s pace.


Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is that Broadway musical version of Spider-Man that was plagued by accidents and legal problems.

Now that things are running much smoother for the production, they have announced they will be performing a first-ever autism-friendly production!

The show is going to seriously cut down on things like strobe lights and loud, harsh sounds that could really bother an autistic person.

There will also be autism experts staffing quiet areas inside the theater. They’ll have bean bag chairs and coloring books for anyone who is overwhelmed by the show and needs a break.

The director of the Theatre Development Fund, a nonprofit that provides access to live theater, said:

“We’re grateful to the show’s producers, management and creative staff and crew for accommodating the Autism Theatre Initiative and uniting with us to make the show an unforgettable experience for all.”

The nonprofit bought every single matinee ticket there was for the April 27th show at Foxwoods Theatre and will offer them at a discount to autistic kids and adults.

That’s so great!!

Tickets will range in price from $35-$80, so if you have an autistic family member, friend or have autism yourself, grab a ticket and go see one heck of a play!

nice story in today’s WSJ about a granddad looking to help the future of autistic adults as they prepare to enter the workplace:


There are certain dreams every parent has for his or her child: good health, a great job and happiness at home.


Michael Lillard, Mel Karmazin

But for the parents of children with autism, that future can be “uncertain,” says Michael Lillard, chief investment officer of Prudential Fixed Income, and the father of two teenage boys who are on the autism spectrum. “As a parent, you’re trying to help them reach the highest potential that they can reach. That’s your goal.”