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Father of Autistic Twins Speaks Out

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While the cause/cure for autism remains clouded, more and more it seems science can better predict the odds of having an autistic child.  I think it won’t be long before potential partners undergo a “baby preview screening”.  This test will determine the couple’s odds of having a typical child and index the possiblity of having a child with a neurological issue.  Imagine a scenerio where a woman (or a man) could choose between two mates and find that one of them (as their potential gene partner) would have a far greater probability of producing an autistic child.

Would that be cause for pause?  Would true love or the gene pool odds win out?  It’s a paradox that our children will likely face.

To add additional fodder, here’s a link to an article that cites the potential for having an autistic child is far greater if you or a sibling have an existing neurological condition:

Autism more likely when a parent has schizophrenia or bipolar disorder



It has always been my fervent hope that the severity of my son’s autism could someday be mitigated.  I have read conflicting theories on this point, but here is one that supports that hope.  It states that the neuron’s are actually firing too quickly in the autistic mind (sort of like an out of control pinball game).  And that science might be able to slow down the neuornal overflow.  Here’s hoping:

It’s the end of the summer and for me, this time of year, more than the New Year is a time to think about what I hope to accomplish in the Fall.  I suppose 4 months left in the year is a pretty good metaphor for where I am in my life, so maybe that does enter into my timing.

I find it too easy to let work and other noble pursuits serve as my primary excuse for not doing more to rouse the boys from their daily autism cacoon.  They are very ritualistic and fight against infringements on their free time.  But rather than have them perform some education apps before being allowed to have free time on their iPads, I typically just give them the iPad without a fight.

Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?  I think that’s something I have to ask myself.

It’s not like I have all the time in the world.