Blame it on being in the autistic spectrum.  My boys have a quirky gate.  They can run and throw but there is nothing effortless or easy with any physical activity they do.  Just as autism impacts their communication skills, it apparently also wrecks havoc with their motor skills.  This is one of those findings that is probably more interesting to the scientists who determined it, as it changes nothing.  All it does is link everything back to autism.

If there is any silver lining to this (and right now there isn’t one) it would be that future drugs that could help the brain neurons fire better for enhanced communication skills may also produce improved motor skills.

Autistic kids often have problems developing motor skills, such as running, throwing a ball or even learning how to write. But scientists have not known whether those difficulties run in families or are linked to autism.

Now, new research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis points to autism as the culprit.

“From our results, it looks like motor impairments may be part of the autism diagnosis, rather than a trait genetically carried in the family,” said lead author Claudia List Hilton, PhD, assistant professor in occupational therapy and an instructor in psychiatry.

“That suggests that motor impairments are a core characteristic of the diagnosis,” Hilton noted.