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Father of Autistic Twins Speaks Out

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Autism and anxiety, the two are interwoven.  If it wasn’t for the anxiety and the resulting coping mechanisms (can you say OCD?), then our kids would be easier to teach.  But when you have the perfect storm of autism and anxiety, you’re swimming upstream the entire time.  If you could help reduce the anxitey, then I think you could address the autism.  Hopefully, that is the goal with some of these newer meds, such as SPX209.

It's all part of the DNA

My sons Michael & Sean are now 11 years old and they still have a hard time going to bed by themselves.  They both like to lie next to someone before going to a comfortable sleeping posture.  Michael takes forever, sometimes over an hour, typically lying next to his mom in the master bedroom.  Sean at least is faster, but unlike Michael, once he wakes up, he looks to find me so that he can get comfortable sleeping again.

OK, now that’s he 11 it is probably getting a little weird for Dad to be sleeping next to him.

So how do we break him of this lifelong habit?


It starts with a chair.  In this case a chair and an ottoman.  We will place both items next to Sean’s bed.  When Sean is ready for sleep, dad will accompany him to his room and settle in the adjoining chair while Sean (hopefully) gets ready for sleep time.  Over time, we will fade the prompt and Sean will simply go to bed on his own.

One reason we need to get going on this is simply for the few nights that Susan and I go out.  Poor Sean stays up waiting for us because he is unable to go to sleep on his own.

It’s way past time to get rolling on this.  It will be great for Sean and great for all of us.  Of course, that’s after he gets the hang of it.  A few sleepless nights await me, but if this works, it will be well, well worth it.