As Hurricane Irene pummelled the Jersey Shore last weekend, I dreaded the thought of losing power.  Not for the reasons you would expect (e.g. food spoiling, lack of hot water, etc.).  No, I dreaded what it would do to the boy’s tightly wound schedules.  To go to bed without the air purifier be placing at exactly the right setting, the TV set to PBS kids, the volume locked at level 45.  To simply live without electronics and to completely disrupt their routines would be impossible.

Actually, it would be impossible for Sean.  I think Michael would be able to get by, but for Sean it would be an endless frantic tale of doing everything he could to recreate his neatly arranged world.

This is one of the reasons I keep exploring options like STX209, an anti anxiety medication for kids in the spectrum.  When the routine is blown apart by events beyond anyone’s control, it’s essential that everyone keeps their wits about them.

More and more I look at Sean as a ticking time bomb, it doesn’t take much to happen before he becomes uncontrollable.  Sooner or later, we’re going to have to find a better way to help him control his emotions.  I’m not looking at any drug as a panacea, but if it can help mitigate anxiety, it sure would make life a lot easier.