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Good article I came across today from CNN with many good suggestions on how to travel with your special needs children.   Just click on the image to catch the link.

The whole trip went surprisingly well.

Well not the whole trip.  I had the idea of cutting the ride down by stopping in Virginia Beach on the way down.  Staying in a hotel for one night was nothing short of a veritable debacle.  There were just way too many opportunities for the boys to get into mischief, too many vending machines, stair wells, elevators.  It’s amazing we didn’t lose one of them.

But once we got to The Outer Banks, it was pure gold!  We all loved our house and the boys quickly found their rhythm, which consisted mostly of pool, beach and family excursions.  Susan and I were so stoked we’re already planning a return visit.  It’s just so kid friendly with all the private houses, so much better for us than a hotel experience.

On the trip back everything went well except for one meltdown by Sean (which coincidentally happened when we got the long bridge leaving Virginia Beach).  Even that might have been avoided if we had stopped at the McDonald’s just prior to getting on the bridge.

So I definitely, definitely recommend The Outer Banks experience for parents of kids in the spectrum.  It’s a very safe contained environment that they can quickly accustom themselves to.

Pictures will follow next week!


And I only wish I was ready.

It’s been a tough, tough week with the boys.  Their sleep patterns have been as bad as they have ever been.  Not to mention they both had total meltdowns last night, thankfully at different times.  And Micheal’s complete indifference to use the bathroom has me a bit concerned.  I should make sure I pack a big spray bottle of Resolve, just in case.

Still, despite my well founded trepidation, there is something liberating about finally taking a family vacation.  It does help that we will have a private house and pool.  Once we secure the perimeter I think we’ll be in good shape to settle in for the week.

It’s also good that we will have additional family members (A.K.A. Reinforcements) arriving in the shape of my sister in law and niece.  That will give us more backup in case the boys go south for any appreciable time.

So I’m nervous and excited.  I am looking at this as an adventure and I’m glad we’re doing it.  Whether I feel the same way this time next week remains to be seen.