I’m excited by the progress that Seaside Therapeutic is making with its new drug for autism (SPX209).  While I don’t expect this to be a panacea, it would be wonderful to have a drug that might actually present some neurological benefits without the downside of current drugs on the market:

“There are currently no FDA-approved therapeutics to treat the core symptoms of autism spectrum disorders, creating a vast unmet need for the millions of individuals and their families affected by this condition in the US and EU alone,” Seaside CEO Dr. Randall L. Carpenter said in a statement.

“In our open-label Phase 2a study of STX209, we observed significant improvements in social impairment – a core symptom of autism spectrum disorders – including symptoms such as preference to be alone, being withdrawn or isolated, and lack of social reactivity. We are spearheading late-stage development of a drug candidate that has the potential to change the treatment paradigm for autism spectrum disorders – addressing core symptoms – and are truly excited about the prospect of helping patients and their families achieve an improved quality of life.”