A few months ago I had written about how we had finally gotten our bed back.

Well, I feel like a Libyan rebel who’s been repelled out of Tripoli.  The boys, armed with their superior numbers and fire power, have once again taken over the night time routine.  To make matters worse, Sean’s OCD has been on complete overdrive at nighttime.  Now, he has a new ritual that requires him to begin the sleeping process in the downstairs family room and only until he is tired and frustrated does he consider moving to his upstairs bedroom.

And then he sleeps like a spider on a web.  The slightest move or noise and up he springs.   Plus he has this new need to keep the balls of his feet under constant pressure all night long.  It’s only about 4am when he finally allows himself to fall into a deeper sleep that he lets his body uncoil and truly relax.

God, I hope we qualify for the Seaside STX209 study.  I think Sean would GREATLY benefit from anti-anxiety medication!  And God knows his father can use some relief even more!