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Daily Scheduler

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My boys, both being rather visual, would in theory take well to having their daily schedule presented to them in a visual format.

My web search brought me to a company called “do2learn”.  One of the company’s products is called Make A Schedule and they have both an online and desktop version of the product for just under $50.  The advantage of the online version is that you can use it from any PC or Mac.   The desktop version seems a bit more robust and allows for more forms (the online version caps itself at 10).

I’ve just ordered it, so I can’t speak from experience as of yet, but I’m hoping that laying out the boys daily and nighttime schedule might help provide some structure and clarity to their lives.  While also reducing unnecessary anxiety about what lies ahead.

Autism risk rises in closely spaced pregnancies, study finds

Risk tripled when child was conceived within 12 months of birth of first baby

Of course, Susan and I conceived the twins when Kate was only 9 months old.  This piece of information might have come in handy about 10 years ago.


It doesn’t get more admirable than this:

A teacher at a school for children with autism died a hero in Bourbonnais, Illinois on Monday, pushing one of his students out of the way of an oncoming bus.


Seems to me I’ve heard all about the potential applications of oxytocin before.   But as a mist, its effects only last a few minutes.  Now if they could get it to work all day long, maybe we would have something…