I’ve realized that I’ve been posting about issues concerning the identification and treatment of autism and very little about my own 10 year old twin autistic boys, Michael & Sean.

Both boys are now in middle school (how’s that for a frightening thought!).  They’re doing pretty well, but I can’t say I ever see them living independent lives.

Tomorrow, Susan and I will be meeting with an attorney about setting up a trust fund for the boys.  If you haven’t begun those types of discussions for your own autistic children, I recommend you do so shortly.  They’ll help guide you past all the legal and accounting hurdles you’ll need to jump in order to leave your children with as much money as possible.   It’s going to cost about five grand to set up trust funds for both boys, so the price of entry is another thing you need to be prepared for.

We still haven’t managed to get the boys to sleep through the night on their own, so that’s challenging in it’s own right.  And Susan and I haven’t spent a night apart from the boys (together) in over three years now.  It’s hard to find baby sitters or family for that kind of overnight duty.

I’m dreading puberty as that will introduce a whole new set of challenges.

But having said all that, I’ve come to terms with the boys’ autism.  It’s only taken me 10 years to make that statement.  They are who they are and while their brains are wired different, they are distinctly unique young men.

Now if only Michael will stop throwing his MP3 player into the neighbor’s pool and Sean would stop blowing bubbles on our new carpet, I would be a happy camper.  But for now, I will go with the flow, and in our case, that flow includes life with autism.