The Best Day Group of New Jersey held a surfing event and overall fun day for kids with disabilities yesterday in Long Branch, NJ.

We signed up Michael and Sean for it.  Michael got as far as his wet suit, took one look at the kids getting pulled into the ocean on a surf board and then settled into his beach chair.  That was as far as he was willing to go.

Sean is the one with the most tactile concerns.  He hates things pressing tightly against him.  But he was so motivated to get out into the ocean that he accepted the wetsuit without a concern.  The only thing he required was having his bathing suit tucked in so it wasn’t bunching up.

We then waited close to an hour for our turn.  Never have I seen Sean wait so long for something and stay happy the entire time.   We killed the time by splashing near the water’s edge and were only warned to move back about three times.

Finally, it was Sean’s turn!  And what happened?  He refused to get on the board in the required way, which was facing down and backwards to the ocean.  He wanted to go out on his knees and facing the ocean.   Finally, we all realized this was the only way this was going to work for him.   The five “surfin dudes” who worked with Sean were nothing short of fantastic.  They obliged him, even if it meant bending the rules.  OK, out into the ocean they go and they catch a pretty good size wave.

What does Sean do?  He stands up on the board, with the biggest grin you ever saw.  Now the guys are still all around him and have him by the feet and knees to keep him steady.  But they all got the biggest kick out of Sean wanting to ride the surfboard like he had seen others do it.

All in all, a great experience and I hope to embed the video once I get it off my camera and download it to YouTube!