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That’s what Newsweek is asking this week. http://www.newsweek.com/2018/02/23/really-good-weed-why-cannabis-may-be-worlds-most-effective-remedy-core-806758.html

On a personal note, we took our son Sean to the neurologist for his three year check up.  Largely, this is a de facto process that the school requires.  As we’re leaving, I asked the doc what he thought of medical marijuana.  You would have thought I asked him about turning my son into a drug dealer.   “Oh my, I’m not aware of anything in that field.  That’s dangerous ground to enter“.

Fast forward two days and what’s the big story from Newsweek?  Yup, right there in the subject of this piece.

The morale of my story is that as a parent, you need to do your own digging/due diligence and decide what’s best for your child.  And not some high priced expert who hasn’t looked at new drug opportunities since the turn of the century.  BTW, there is also research on this subject being conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia  http://www.philly.com/philly/business/cannabis/childrens-hospital-to-study-medical-marijuana-and-autism-20171211.html



Nice to see Sesame Street acknowledge kids with autism with the arrival of “Julia”.   This will allow the newest of generations to get better acquainted with kids on the spectrum and what to expect.  It’s a nice development.  It might even make Elmo more palatable.  🙂



So Far, So Good

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Both Sean and Michael have gotten off to a good start to high school.  Of course, it’s only been a couple of weeks, but Susan and I really like their teacher, Ms. Amanda.

One thing we’re particularly impressed with is her plan to develop long term measurable goals/metrics for tracking their progress.  Already, Sean is working to be reintroduced to the incredibly chaotic lunch room.  As Ms. Amanda put it, we can’t shield him from life if we expect him to find vocational work when he reaches adulthood.

And Michael is being asked to speak up more and put his hands down from over his ears.  In other words, to let the world in a bit more.

Having a good teacher is inspiring for the parent.  I found myself thinking about ways I could work with the boys over the weekend to help reinforce what Ms. Amanda is working on in school.

It does work both ways.  The boys touch so many folks lives.  it’s not the worst thing to have your “typically developing” life challenged and viewed askew.  It’s actually kind of refreshing.