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Father of Autistic Twins Speaks Out

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The most nagging fear for any autistic parent is what happens to your kids when you’re gone (or at least no longer able to care for them).   The shortage of adult housing has been well documented.  The nation’s appetite for taking care of the less fortunate is probably at an all time low.

I’m writing this as a wake up call to myself.  Over the next five years, I need to develop a plan, a realistic plan to take the boys through adulthood.  That starts with housing, but includes vocational work, a sense of purpose, as happy a life as they can possible have.


All I need now is a plan. housing

With this plan and the prospect of voting for Donald Trump, I may do in November what I thought I would never do; vote for Hillary.


A touching story from The Cincinnati Enquirer on one family’s struggle with their son’s autism.